2009-1507_Plywood Number 7

Natural plywood Numbers. Create your own words, initials, names and numbers using wooden letters made form natural laser cut plywood. They make great gifts for both adults & children and look equally good decorated or as they are. Customise using paint, glitter, wallpaper, newspaper and fabrics.

Measurements: Height 20cm, Width 16cm, Depth 1.2cm



  • Names
  • Initials
  • Age
  • Door number
  • Post code
    Favorite word

  • Spelling & arithmetic aid
  • A great party activity and part bag gift

    Letters can be easily hung on the wall using blue tac, stick on velcro or why not use magnetic paint so you can move letters around. Letters also stand on a flat surface.

  • Price: £3.95
    Price: £2.00
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